Thursday, October 1, 2009


happy birthday to my gorgeous da jie!

yeah!i wish your dream come true ya~ :)

i also hope that you are going to enjoy a memorable dinner celebration with your hubby tonight hehe!

you see..i bet you all sure for did not believe that she's the mommy of 3 little cute kids haha!

but the truth shown she is ;)

by the way..when i'm rich in the future then i'll buy lv hand bag as your birthday present as i promised you hahahah!

i'm be honored to have a cousin sister like you ^^

'you are such like an angel in my heart forever' (yet not the devil as someone who....... :p)

-happy birthday to jesslyn-

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


today is the last day of september..


do you still remember about 'wake me up when september end'?


-cheer teejie-

Monday, September 28, 2009


hello~ :)

i just passed a week of long break last week & of course i did enjoy my holidays as well hehe!

during the wonderful holidays..i spend a lot of precious times with my family especially my 3rd-aunt & cousins & nieces & also sister but mommy was busy working & sick too bad!

this photo took for showing my love to my valuable family :)

i always think that's no teejie* available without them hehe!

i'm not overstate yet it's truth so i do treasure them lor~

oh ya~

recently it's 'something' happened to me..

i just felt that 'something' really lame ok!

i only found it's because of 'jealousy'!

by the way grab my mommy's saying that 'the narrow minded of people'!

therefore 'bitch' is emerged.......

so for those got the bitch 'hide' upon you then we are here to welcome them ya~ (clap hand)

cause bitch needed us to promote them via our blog even facebook..

thus we have the right to speak freely in our blog so what? ;)

somemore they really need us to mention about them then they only can become famous since they want outstanding huhu!

but 'perhaps you are everything to others but you are just nothing to me' ~~ (wider smile)

as what my cousin said that normally 'childish' people would just said other people childish lol (we laugh non-stop for that)

da jie, hui jie, yi ma, mommy & caca..rynryn wanna say thank you for you all support ya~ (with heart)

last but really not least to thank all of my dearest friends :p

-thanks thanks thanks-